Asking For Trouble (#6, Texas Trouble)

aft-cover-art4-ptAsking For Trouble, Book 6, Texas Trouble
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Jazzie Ramos is at a crossroads in her life. Her best friend, Jess Sparks, the singer in the country band she plays fiddle for, has just gotten married and doesn’t need her help anymore. Since Jazzie has always taken care of Jess, she really doesn’t know what to do with herself now. Their band is making it, they even have a platinum record to their credit, so Jazzie wonders why she isn’t happier about her newfound fame and fortune.

While attending a friend’s wedding in Tahiti, Jazzie reconnects with Beau Bowman, a handsome Texas Ranger she’d met a year before in Bowie, Texas. She finds that she’s still insanely attracted to the hotter than hell lawman, and Jazzie decides to rid herself of the albatross around her neck, her virginity, something her five overprotective brothers have guarded like pitbulls for twenty-eight years. It was time, and she figures Beau is more than man enough for the job.

Her time in paradise gets interrupted though, when she gets a frantic call from her mother telling her that her brother has gone missing in Dallas, and is in big trouble. Jazzie flies back home to comfort her mother and find her brother, but she knows she can’t do it alone. She is going to need help, and again Beau Bowman seems to be the man for the job. Jazzie knows she can trust him to do his job and find her brother, but can she trust the jaded green-eyed lawman with her heart?

Beau Bowman had been there and done that with relationships, and he wasn’t doing it again. His ex-fiancé had left a sour taste in his mouth that no amount of mouthwash or time was going to erase. She’d proven to him he just wasn’t cut out for them.

Even though he wasn’t looking for a relationship, when Beau spots Jazzie Ramos, the exotically beautiful and multi-talented Latina fiddler he’d fallen in lust with a year ago in Bowie, Texas, at a friend’s wedding in Tahiti, he decides she is one woman he wouldn’t mind getting to know better. He finally works up the nerve and ask her to dinner, and is thrilled when she accepts his invitation.

Things get heated on the tropical island and Beau is shocked, but too far gone, when he realizes she’s a virgin! That was a relationship waiting to happen, in his book. Beau decides that the best thing he can do is run, not walk, away from her as fast as he can, until she gets a call from her mother, who tells her that her brother is missing and on the run from some very shady characters he’d been naively working for.

Beau Bowman suffers from an undeniable white knight complex. He knows it, but there isn’t one damned thing he can do to avoid it. If there is a wrong, he feels an urge to right it, if someone is in trouble, he has to help them. That urge is what led him into law enforcement, instead of ranching, and it was the same urge that led him to hustle to Dallas to help Jazzie Ramos find her brother.

Even though Beau knows he is just asking for trouble getting involved, his urge to help the beautiful fiddler is as irresistible as the temptation to fall head over heels in love with her…something he swore he’d never do again.

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