The Trouble With Love (#2, Texas Trouble)


Texas Trouble Series, Book 2

The Trouble With Love, Book 2, Texas Trouble

Sabrina Roberts had become a reclusive workaholic, since her husband Kenny, an adrenaline junky cop, was killed in the line of duty eighteen months ago. Determined not to let the same thing happen to her after his death, Sabrina made her job as a detective with the Phoenix Police Department her life.

In lieu of a social life, Sabrina focused on researching her cases, working out to make herself stronger and staying at the gun range to make sure she was on top of her game. She knew the life she was living was no life, but didn’t know how to change it. Since Kenny’s death, she didn’t even know who she was anymore. The only thing she did know was she was never dating a cop again.

When her new friend, Cassie Bellamy, calls Sabrina from Bowie, Texas to ask her to be maid of honor in her wedding, and asks for her help with her horse ranch while she’s on her honeymoon, Sabrina jumps on the opportunity to reevaluate her life and decompress in the sedate small town.

Almost from the first minute her feet touch Bowie soil though, Sabrina realizes the small town is far from sedate, and certainly not a place she is going to be able to decompress. Between the infuriatingly sexist, but oh so sexy, Sheriff Cole Jackson, who treats her like she’s incompetent, and the hair raising events at the wedding, then a surprising call for help from the older brother she hasn’t spoken to in eighteen months, Sabrina has more action in Bowie than she ever had back in Phoenix.

After a while, Sabrina starts hoping that action will include some personal action with the handsome Sheriff, who lights fires inside of her that have been banked for a long time.

After his best friend resigns as Sheriff to become a cattle rancher, Cole Jackson has enough on his hands taking over as Sheriff of his hometown, without having to deal with the trouble sexy Sabrina Roberts dumps in his lap.

Suddenly, his peaceful little town, where the most he had to look forward to was the rollover of a chicken truck on the highway, becomes a hotbed of trouble, and it seems like the beautiful detective he’d met in Phoenix a month ago, was at the heart of it all. She and her brother were magnets for trouble, it seemed.

To protect his best friend and his new wife, Cole invites Sabrina and her brother to stay at his house, and welcomes more than trouble into his life. He finds out the gorgeous policewoman has depths he can’t wait to uncover…and she can cook better than his mama! The heat she stirs inside of him is definitely more than the heat in the kitchen though, and soon Cole wants to sample everything on her menu.

But first, Cole has to rescue her from the bad guys chasing her brother…and then from herself. He’s determined to convince Sabrina that even though he’s a cop, he’s not the risk-taker her late husband was, and that he’s worth taking a risk on.

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