Royal Trouble (#10, Texas Trouble)

Coming Soon!  Royal Trouble, Texas Trouble #10

Coming Soon! Royal Trouble, Texas Trouble #10

Out Today! (7/13/13)
Royal Trouble, Texas Trouble #10

Leigh Ann Baker, former Miss Texas, knows she is more than a beauty queen.  She knows she has more value than a trophy wife for one of the rich old men her mother had been trying to marry her off to for the last four years.  She just needs to figure out what that is.  With her mother managing every aspect of her life since she was born, if she stayed in Dallas, that would be a difficult thing to do, so she heads to Amarillo to ask her independent sister for advice.

Five weeks later, Leigh Ann finds out that although she doesn’t have a problem getting jobs, she just doesn’t have the skills to keep them.  Leigh Ann is almost ready to head back to Dallas with her tail between her legs and admit defeat.  Letting her mother run her life looked pretty appealing right then.  Instead, her sister tells her about a job a friend has open for a veterinary assistant.

Animals hated Leigh Ann, even though she loved them.  Taking that job would be a really bad idea, but it was either take the job or go back to her mother.  After she meets Wes Jepson, she decides that making peace with animals might be worth it to get to know the sexy vet.

From the first day on the job though, Dr. Wes Jepson makes it plain he has no desire to get to know her. His beautiful ex-wife had left him and his adorable son seven years ago, and the man now believed that all beautiful women were lying, conniving cheaters, who were always looking for attention.  A category he shoved Leigh Ann into, whether she fit or not.

Leigh Ann soon realizes that convincing him she isn’t like that is going to be an uphill battle, but she is a survivor and up for the challenge.  If Leigh Ann had survived her mother’s oppression, a stalker, and four rich old men who wanted to marry her, convincing one jaded vet she is the perfect woman for him, and the perfect mother for his son should be a piece of cake.

Wes Jepson is done with beautiful man magnets. His ex-wife had shown him exactly what marrying a woman like that would do for him. He would have to fight every man on the planet to keep her, and then for his trouble she would leave him as an emotionally and financially bankrupt single parent, who was trying to hold it all together. Wes didn’t have the energy for that anymore.

All he wants now is peace in his life and a good mother for his son. The next woman he got involved with would be in his league. Normal. Hell, she could look like ten miles of bad road as long as she respected him, and the vows they took. When Wes said forever, he meant it, and he wanted a woman who did too.

When his friend, Roxanne Baker, suggests her sister to replace her as his vet assistant, Wes is introduced to exactly the kind of woman he is trying to avoid. Leigh Ann Baker, even in jeans, and no makeup, is exactly like his ex-wife with her sexy southern drawl, practiced knee-melting smile, and dangerous curves.

His instant attraction to the woman scares the hell of him, but he owes Roxanne a lot, so against his better judgment, he hires her sister.  He soon realizes keeping things on a professional level with Leigh Ann Baker is going to be tough.  It gets even tougher when Roxanne ups the ante by asking him to let her sister stay in his spare bedroom, until she can find her own place.

If he agrees, Wes knows he’s in deep trouble, but looking into Leigh Ann’s mesmerizing blue eyes has him agreeing to all kinds of things he shouldn’t be agreeing to. It doesn’t Wes long to see that his new assistant doesn’t have experience with animals, they actually seem to hate her, she doesn’t know a thing about bookkeeping, and men seem to be drawn to her like bees to honey, but Wes wants to be one of those bees.

Leigh Ann Baker, former Miss Texas, might spell royal trouble for him, since she was the Queen of Chaos, but Wes wants to enjoy every minute of her reign for the rest of his life.

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