Woo Hoo!! Royal Trouble is at #15 for Hot New Releases in Western Romance!

Wow, I am so thrilled.  In less than 24 hours, Royal Trouble (Texas Trouble, #10) is at #15 on Amazon for Hot New Releases in Western Romance.  That is amazing!  And it’s all because of you.  I just want to let you know I appreciate you, and hope you have a fantastic day.

Let me know what you think of Royal Trouble, and be looking for the next installment in the series TROUBLE WITH THE LAW, which I’m working on now.  That will be Trace Rooks and Veronica Winter’s story, and it promises to be pretty doggone hot!

Royal Trouble Amazon US link:   http://www.amazon.com/Royal-Trouble-Texas-10-ebook/dp/B00DX58VZA/ref=sr_1_10?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1373743302&sr=1-10&keywords=becky+mcgraw

Here’s a snippet from ROYAL TROUBLE (Texas Trouble, #10) that leads into TROUBLE WITH THE LAW (Texas Trouble, #11), so you can drool over Trace until I finish the book:

A rumbling in her chest woke Leigh Ann.  She scrambled up looking around in a daze.  It was almost dark and the air had cooled off considerably.  A chill moved through her as more vibrations rumbled through her chest, making her heart race.

Looking up, she saw a mean looking black motorcycle pull up beside the car door and stop.  Trace Rooks killed the engine then leaned down over the handle bars to stick his head in the window.

Trace Rook’s cowboy hat was gone, but his hair was still covered.  In a black bandana dotted with a white skull and crossbones pattern, which amped up his bad boy persona tenfold.

A little shiver of excitement passed through her, then grew when he grinned at her and that dimple appeared.  “Have a nice nap, princess?” he asked lazily, his sexy rough voice rumbling through her like the purr of the motorcycle had done.

She smiled back and asked nervously, “Did you get your horse loaded?”

“Yep, c’mon let’s go to town,” Trace told her shifting his weight on the bike to lift the kickstand.

Leigh Ann’s heart fluttered as she put her feet on the floorboard then scooted forward to open the door.  Crawling out of the car, she stood and smoothed down her skirt.

“I’m not exactly dressed to ride a motorcycle, but my jeans are buried in the trunk somewhere,” she said taking a stumbling step toward the back of the car.

“We’re not in a parade, princess.  Just get on and don’t worry about it.  If you flash someone, they’ll count themselves lucky.” With a throaty chuckle and a flash of humor in his dark eyes, he added, “It’s gonna be dark in a few minutes anyway.”

Leigh Ann picked up her boots from beside the car and shoved her foot inside, then put the other one on and stomped her foot down into it.  Slinging the strap of her purse over her head she let it rest at her hip.  Giving him one hard look, Leigh Ann considered her decision once more, then walked toward the bike with her knees trembling.  Stepping up on the peg, she threw her leg over the bike to settle behind him.

Leaning forward, she put her arms around his waist and asked, “You have a helmet I can wear?”

“Nope, I sure don’t.”  He reached inside his leather jacket, then handed her a bandana that matched his.  “Put this on and just hang on,” he ordered as he cranked the powerful machine and revved it a few times.  The vibrations from the engine moved through her, along with a good dose of adrenaline.

Quickly, she tied her hair up in the bandana feeling like a bad ass biker chick.  Someone totally unlike Leigh Ann Baker, Miss Texas USA.  Right now she was as far from a prim and proper beauty queen as she could get.  And damned if it didn’t feel great!

Leigh Ann was living on the wild side tonight, and wild women didn’t wear helmets.  They rode on the back of bad ass motorcycles with ex-con cowboys and they liked it.

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