Hope for Christmas is Finished!

santa-wore-spurs-cover-art-lg-prHi Ya’ll,

I just wanted to let you know I finished my Christmas novella, Hope for Christmas, which will be included in an anthology entitled SANTA WORE SPURS. 

There will be three other novellas in the anthology from the fabulous Sable Hunter, the amazing Sandy Sullivan and the legendary Desiree Holt!  All are contemporary western romance novellas that are sure to heat up your holidays.

The anthology will be released on November 15th, so ya’ll keep your eyes peeled!  You won’t need the cocoa this year, you’ll want a fan and a hot cowboy.


HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS a novella by Becky McGraw


If Cord Dixon knew what would happen when he turned down Tonya Laramie’s offer to sleep with him, he would have thought twice before he turned her down.  Now instead of being Mr. Laramie, the face of Laramie Jeans, or an ex-rodeo bull rider, he was known by one name like Madonna or Sting.  To the pack of wolves masquerading as children who waited in line to sit on his lap to have their picture taken he was known as Santa.  It wasn’t a job Cord wanted, but it was all he could get since Tonya fired him and blackballed him in the Dallas modeling industry.  And it beat going back to Tyler to face the family he had turned his back on to take the job at Laramie Jeans.  Until his beautiful elf photographer suggests they do a Christmas calendar together at his daddy’s ranch.  Once there Cord finds out a lot has changed since he left.  And those changes could rock his family to the core, if he couldn’t help them.

Hope Carlisle, a silver-spoon-fed socialite raised in a very wealthy Dallas family, thought being a socialite wedding photographer would be an easy transition for her career choice.  She had the talent and the passion, and due to her family she had the connections.  Until a faulty camera card causes her to ruin a high profile wedding she is shooting, she is on top of the world.  Before her eyes everything changes, her fiancé dumps her, her business partner deserts her and her family turns their back on her.  She needs money fast, because Bridezilla is suing her, so she takes the only job she can find on short notice.  A Santa photographer at a mall who has to wear an almost indecent elf costume.

Hope quickly realizes there’s something familiar about her co-worker.  When he takes off his wig and beard she finds out why.  Santa is Mr. Laramie, the sexiest male western wear model in Dallas.  Her new job suddenly becomes a lot more interesting, and her prospects a lot brighter when she has an idea that could help both of them.  Now, if she can help herself by not falling in love with the naughty cowboy he becomes when they reach the ranch, maybe her plan would work.


HOPE FOR CHRISTMAS, a novella by Becky McGraw

Copyright (c) Becky McGraw, November 2013

Hope bent over to grab the strap of the big duffle again.  She shoved the door wider with her butt, then jerked with all she had.   Something inside the bag shifted.  The bag came through the door and hit her in the chest.  Hope gasped as she flew backwards.  She hit something soft and fluffy, heard a grunt, then her bag clattered loudly as it hit the floor beside her.  She landed atop what felt like a pillowtop mattress.

Large warm hands gripped her waist, a delicious piney scent wafted to her nostrils, as hot breath tickled her ear and her landing pad chuckled.  The rumble rolled through her body, carrying tingles along with the sound.  Hope rolled to the side onto her hands and knees, then stood.  She smoothed her costume looking down at the portly man she had bowled over.

“I’m so sorry.  Are you okay?”  What had cushioned her fall was Santa’s stuffed belly.

Bight blue eyes burned their way slowly up her legs, and stopped a minute at her breasts before sliding up to meet her eyes.  They twinkled as he said, “Killing Santa isn’t a way to start your first day on the job, Tinkerbell.” The man added a knee-melting grin, before he rolled then sprang up to his feet.

Hope had never met a sexy Santa before, in a mall, on television or in a story book.  But this guy, even with the big belly, wig and beard, was sex in a Santa suit.  He must’ve realized she was staring, because his grin got wider.  A dimple popped out above his fake beard and Hope’s heart tripped in her chest.

Guilt rushed through her, as she wondered what the man looked like under that bulky suit.  With the smooth tanned skin at his neck, the firm line of his square jaw, those eyes, and that delicious dimple, she couldn’t help herself.  Sitting on his lap for hours staring into those gorgeous eyes wouldn’t be a hardship that was for sure.  The mothers of the toddlers they’d be photographing today would probably feel the same way.

Hope shoved those thoughts away, reminding herself she was here to do a job, and this man was her co-worker.

“I guess you’re my Santa?” she said extending her hand to him.

“Cord,” he corrected, taking her hand.  When their palms met, electricity shot up her arm to zap her in the chest.  “And you must be my elf,” he said, and all Hope could do was stare into his eyes dumbly.

I’ll be anything you want me to be.

Hope shook her head.  “Hope,” she said and the starch went out of her arm, as he clasped her hand tighter.

“Is that your name, or are you about to ask me for a Wetty Betty?” he asked with a laugh.  The sound traveled along Hope’s nerve endings to settle south.  His cap and wig slid sideways, and he pushed it back in place.  “If so, I’m fresh out.  That’s all the little girls who sit in my lap ask for lately.”

In that flash of a second, she saw the dark hair at his temples and his left ear.  Who had sexy ears and who noticed them?  This man did.  And Hope noticed.  Thoughts of sitting on his lap whispering the long list of things she wanted from this Santa into his ear flitted through her mind.  That list did not include a doll.

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