Tell Your Ghost Story and WIN a Trouble T-Shirt or Apron!

Trouble Apron

I Love Trouble Apron

Trouble T-Shirt










Real or fictional, some ghost stories have become urban legend.  Tell us your favorite story and choose between an I Love Trouble apron or t-shirt if your story is chosen!

Winner will be selected and announced at 5pm Central!

6 thoughts on “Tell Your Ghost Story and WIN a Trouble T-Shirt or Apron!

  1. I have read so many “cowboy” erotic based books – I can’t pick only one – but I would love to have an Apron – I just love the stories of all the ones I’ve read but can’t wait to read more of yours!!

  2. I was 18 at the time , late October. It happen about 30 yrs ago. I was at home by myself and my family was away for the weekend. I stayed home to work. I swore I heard noises in my bedroom, but couldn’t find anything or see anything. So I called my older sister so I could stay with her at her house. Before I left the house I made sure windows were lock and doors were lock. So the next more my brother in law brought me home to make sure the house was fine, but are older neighbor stop us, telling us about a phone call she received last night asking if we were home. Remember ( older ) neighbor , she told the other person on the line the my family was gone but there daughter was there. I about sh– , well we walk to the front door and the door was open not all the way but not shut. So my brother in law walk in nothing was taking but my bedroom window was unlock and my screen to the window was taken out. Now I was scared. Long story short. I was scared to death. But everything ended up ok.

  3. My mom passed a long time ago, my grand daughter at the time was only 5 and was staying with us. The day after the funeral I was fixing breakfast for her and she was sitting at the kitchen counter. She looked up at me and said ” Mom Mom don’t worry grandmom said she loves it there” I of course dropped the spatula looked at here and ask her what she said. She repeated it. I then ask her when she said it, Last night when she came out of the closet to see me. Well the goose bumps started then. Mom was buried in a pink dress so I wanted to see if it was a dream. I ask her if she still had on her pink dress, no she had on a beautiful white dress and mom mom was so beautiful, I ask what else did she say, my grand daughter smiled so big and said that was all because the man dressed in white with white beard came and said it’s time to go home everyone is waiting.

    that story still gives my goose bumps 19 years later, Becky I have both items just wanted to share my story.

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