Win a Signed Paperback of Worth the Trouble

What is the freakiest thing that’s ever happened to you on Halloween before?  Tell your story below, and win a signed copy of Worth the Trouble for your trouble! 😀

worth the trouble mcgraw

Worth the Trouble (#9, Texas Trouble)

Winner will be randomly selected and announced at 5pm Central Time! Have a great day! ~Becky

8 thoughts on “Win a Signed Paperback of Worth the Trouble

  1. My hubby and I went to a work Halloween party and he took 3 dress up total disguises….. he went in first and I came in a little bit later, I totally ignored him, and everyone in the party, kept asking “who is that guy?” – I of course, played along and said ,”I don’t know” – never seem him before….. then he disappeared and came in with another costume, again – NO ONE knew who he was, shortly after that he went out and came in with another one – he tricked everyone in the party and the laugh was all on them, not sure if this is what you were looking for… but he sure had everyone guessing for pretty much the whole night – the laugh was on them!!

  2. Not really freaky, but I got homemade cookies once while Trick or Treating. I grew up in the generation of people putting drugs in candy, so even though we were only allowed to go to houses of people we knew, I still wasn’t allowed to eat my beautiful cookies.

  3. Freakiest thing happened to me was when i was around 8 i remember coming home from trick or treating and was settle down watching tv i kept hearing this noise by the window in living room turned my head and there was this person in a mask in the window making faces and scary noises i screamed dad came but no one was there. It happened several times that night but different masks dad say i was imagining it. Later that night our house was broken into.

  4. Well if I can win this I could win both! I don’t see anything to make a Halloween story comment..okay I remember when I was still trick or couldn’t eat apples..can you imagine giving apples in this generation..they would be tossed back at the house or car when they left..anyway people were supposedly putting razor blades in the apples..sometime later maybe after my first child..someone was injecting drugs, so even if parents checked they didn’twouldn’t see a small pjuncture hole in the wrappings..terrible stories, but that’s what came to mind first

  5. I never had anything freaky happen at Halloween. The first thing that pops to mind when I think Halloween is that my mother would not allow me to trick or treat unless I took the family dog along.

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