Win an ARC copy of Hope For Christmas!

santa-wore-spurs-cover-art-lg-prEveryone celebrates Halloween differently.  Hayrides?  Bonfires?  Haunted Houses?  Comment and tell us about your Halloween traditions and win an ARC Kindle copy of my novella Hope For Christmas, which will be included in the anthology SANTA WORE SPURS this Christmas!  Winner will be randomly selected and announced at 5pm Central Today!


22 thoughts on “Win an ARC copy of Hope For Christmas!

  1. My daughter was born on Halloween so we always celebrate her Birthday on Halloween. I have always called her my little witch. She is 20 years old know and I told her this year we will do something different and not have her birthday that on that day she replied it will break my heart if you don’t. She says that is something we have done all my life and I don’t want it to change.

  2. every year for halloween my sister wiil dress up in a horror film character & we all pitch in with buying bags of candy & we pretend to go trick or treating she will in the bedroom we knot at the door she will pass out candy she repeats the process until all the candy is passed out then she put het costume on comes out of the room & chases everybody it starred when our brother & sister were kids & we didn’t trust them to go trick or treating now its a halloween tradition actually we are on the second generation of kids with the halloween thing

  3. I have my niece bring her children over to my house to trick or treat. I throw a little Halloween party for them , I have hot dogs , Chile, and chips and I make grave yard pudding for them. We dress up and we go tricker treating. Come home to a bon fire in the driveway! And toast marshmallows with the neighbors. I love watching the kids all dress up! Having fun😀

  4. Taking the grandkids out trick or treating and seeing the smiles on all of the kids faces as they run house to house. I would love to get a copy of this new addition to my library. Love the books you guys write.

  5. Making special treats in bags for all the kids after taking family to pumpkin patch and shopping with girls for costumes even though they are older now they still dress up

  6. Let’s see aside from getting the big candy bars to be the cool mom’s house..I always made something like stew the day before so since my kids were all 6 years apart they came in to check in at their age appropriate time and there was something hot and quick on the stove for the kids and their friends

  7. We get together with our family and friends for a pumpkin carving picnic! We all go to a local park, we play games, grill out and carve pumpkins. Then, when the sun goes down, we light them all up! It’s great fun!

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