TROUBLE WITH THE LAW (Texas Trouble, #11) is LIVE on Amazon!

#11 Texas Trouble

COMING SOON! Trouble With the Law, #11 Texas Trouble.



TROUBLE WITH THE LAW (#11, Texas Trouble) by Becky McGraw


Criminal defense attorney Veronica Winters has always wondered what it would be like with sexy former detective Trace Rooks.  Even though he’s an ex-convict now, because of her, she still wonders.  And she feels damned guilty for recommending a plea deal that sent an innocent man to jail.  When she finds out he’s back in jail and a friend asks her to question him about the situation, she thinks she might have the opportunity to finally set things right with him.

At the jail though, she finds a changed man she almost doesn’t recognize.  The scars on the outside have nothing on the scars he bears inside.  Instead of the charming, easy going man she represented four years prior, his attitude now is as hard as his body.  But the new, edgier Trace Rooks turns her on even more than the man she knew before.  Until she finds out he’s involved in some pretty shady stuff at a local ranch where he works.  Before she convicts him in her mind though, she’s going to find out who the real Trace Rooks is, and help him find his way back to the light, even if it kills her.

Trace Rooks would love nothing better than seeing the Shark Lady get her due.  Ronnie Winters, supposedly the best criminal attorney in Amarillo had sent him to prison for three years when she was supposed to be defending him.  Now she was back in his life saying she wanted to help him, and Trace wasn’t happy about it.  Her digging around could get him killed.  And if it was like it had been last time, her help could send him to prison again.

He had no idea if she was still in bed with his sleazy father, the good Senator Leland Rooks, or if she really did feel bad about her part in his false imprisonment and want to help him.  Whatever her reason for showing up at the jail, he was going to get a few pounds of her flesh for his trouble.  But his first order of business was bringing down his father who he knew was the mastermind behind all his problems.

Trying to stay on the right side of the law while doing that was not going to be easy.  Trace was not going back to jail.  He would rather die first.  But if he died, he was taking his father and Ronnie Winters down with him.  In the meantime, he was going to follow his grandfather’s advice.  Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.  He didn’t know which camp Ronnie Winters fell into, but he sure didn’t mind keeping the leggy redhead close until he figured that out.

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