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#11 Texas Trouble

COMING SOON! Trouble With the Law, #11 Texas Trouble.

TROUBLE WITH THE LAW (#11, Texas Trouble) is LIVE on, but there’s more!  The rest of the TEXAS TROUBLE series is on SALE on a sliding Amazon countdown deal on the US site for TWO DAYS ONLY!  Sale ends 12/10 at 8am.
Amazon US  – Trouble With the Law (#11, Texas Trouble)
Amazon US – Texas Trouble Series
Nook Format on  Trouble With the Law (#11, Texas Trouble)

TROUBLE WITH THE LAW (#11, Texas Trouble) by Becky McGraw


Criminal defense attorney Veronica Winters always wondered what it would be like with sexy former detective Trace Rooks.  Even though he’s an ex-convict now, because of her, she still wonders.  Ronnie has always felt damned guilty for recommending a plea deal that sent an innocent man to jail.  When she finds out he’s back in jail and a friend asks her to question him about the situation, Ronnie thinks she might finally have the opportunity to set things right with him.

At the jail though, she finds a changed man she almost doesn’t recognize.  The scars on the outside are nothing compared to the scars he bears inside.  Instead of the charming, easy going man she represented four years prior, his attitude now is as hard as his body.   But she finds out the new, edgier Trace Rooks turns her on even more than the man she knew before.

Trace Rooks, would love nothing better than seeing the Shark Lady get her due for sending him to prison unjustly. He would make sure Ronnie Winters eventually got hers, but at the moment, he had other priorities.  Like taking down his corrupt father.  The man who had paid off the woman touted to be the best criminal defense attorney in the state to help send him to prison.

When Ronnie shows up at the jail asking questions, Trace isn’t giving her anything except a hard time.  He believes she’s there on his father’s behalf again, and there is no way in hell he is falling for her lines again.  Trace was a man that learned for his mistakes, and trusting Ronnie Winters had been the biggest of his life.  But when Ronnie doesn’t get the answers she wants from him, she starts digging around on her own.  Trace knows that can get him killed or sent back to prison again.  He decides that the best thing he can do is heed his grandfather’s advice to keep his friends close and his enemies closer.  He isn’t sure which camp Ronnie Winters falls into yet, but he’s going to keep her close until he figures it out.

Maybe he could get the answers he’d been looking for the last three years.  If not, he could at least get his pound of flesh from the mouthy, leggy redhead every man in Texas was afraid of.  Trace wasn’t afraid of Ronnie Winters, but he quickly finds out he isn’t immune to her either.  When that leads to thinking he might just have misjudged the beautiful redhead before, and maybe there was more to her than met the eye, Trace knows he’s in deep trouble.

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