NEW EXCERPT from my upcoming novella WHERE THERE’S SMOKE! Pre-Order Today for .99!

where-theres-smoke-cover-finalYEE HAW!! I just got past the hardest scene in Where There’s Smoke (A Cowboy Way Novella), and I’m on the downhill side. Sunny and Austin are burning up the pages now. 😀  Here’s a little taste from the novella to whet your appetite–an (unedited, so cut me a little slack haha) EXCERPT from Where There’s Smoke. You can pre-order the boxed set 12-Alarm Cowboys, which will include this novella, now for only. 99! (Links at the bottom of the post)

Excerpt from WHERE THERE’S SMOKE (A Cowboy Way Novella) (c) Becky McGraw June 2015.

The view from her perch on a log about twenty feet away from the tree Austin was dissecting was spectacular. She’d offered to help Rand and Billy move logs to the bin attached to the golf cart, and gather smaller limbs for kindling, but Austin told her today was her day off, and all she was going to do sit on this log and relax.

Austin McBride was good at giving orders, and Sunny had no idea why she didn’t balk, other than she was exhausted from their call last night. So now all she had to do was sit like a bump on this log and watch him work, watch the ripple of the tightly packed muscles in his chest and arms work under his sweat-slicked skin as he wielded the axe.

Watching him was enflaming, exciting—deliciously naughty, but hardly relaxing.

Sunny felt like a voyeur as she considered the fluidity of his body movements, the ripple of his muscles, the confidence of his actions and the intense concentration on his handsome face and wondering if it would be the same with other tasks.

Like having sex. With her. Right now, out here in the woods. She imagined her hands gliding over his slick body, tasting the saltiness on his skin, feeling those muscles flex under her touch, as his big hands wandered over her body too. Biting back a moan, Sunny stretched her legs out in front of her to cross them at the ankles. She pinched her knees together against the damned throb her musings caused at the top of her thighs.

Austin stopped, studied her a second, then breathing hard, he shoved his hat back to swipe his forearm over his forehead. Sunny’s eyes followed a sweat bead as it tracked down his chest to ping-pong off his tight abs until it disappeared under the waistband of his jeans.

“Sunshine, you keep looking at me like that and we might need to make a trip out to the line shack on the other side of the woods.”

“Like what?” she squeaked, her eyes streaking back up his big body to meet his heated gaze. He couldn’t know that she’d been fantasizing about him, but blood crept up her throat to her cheeks anyway.

Giving her a knowing grin, he leaned his weight on the ax handle and fisted his other hand on his hip. “Like I’m the tallest and sweetest glass of iced tea you’ve ever seen and you are dying of thirst,” he replied with a wink.


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