EXCITING NEWS! I’m Helping Cat Johnson Launch Hot SEALs Kindle World! Surprise DEEP SIX SECURITY/Hot SEALs Release Coming 8/4


If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been working on, here’s your answer!  Cat Johnson invited me to play in her soon to be launched Hot SEALs Kindle World, which is a fan-fic area on Amazon (Details below excerpt).  I’ve been writing SEALed Fate, a Deep Six Security/Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds Crossover Novella to help her launch her new Hot SEALs Kindle World on August 4th.  This was a covert project until just the other day, but we’ve been given clearance now to let the ‘Cat’ out of the bag. *Groan*  Anyway, this is a very special novella because it not only includes a new Deep Six Security character, former Navy SEAL Jaxson Thomas, who will be included in TWISTED HONOR, it also includes some of the characters from Cat’s Hot SEALs series too like serious and sexy Jon Rudnick , southern charmer Chris Cassidy, snarky and handsome Rick Mann, wealthy playboy Zane Alexander, and former CO, now SEAL instructor, Grant Milton.  

Yes, this did delay my release of Slade’s book, TWISTED HONOR, a little, but I promise I’m working on that right now.  I hope to have a pre-order up for it on August 4th too, and have it released by the end of August.



 *EXCERPT AND BLURB* from SEALed FATE a Deep Six Security/Hot SEALS Crossover Novella coming to Cat Johnson’s ‪#‎HotSEALsKW‬ Kindle Worlds on August 4th.


Former Navy Seal Jaxson Thomas left the teams in disgrace to save his squad from being dragged through the mud with a JAG investigation. He never thought he’d have to leave the civilian job he got after the teams in the same way, but that’s exactly what happened. To keep his friends at Deep Six Security from losing their biggest contract, he takes the blame for an assignment gone bad. But with the SEAL mentality drilled into him for years, Jaxson can’t give up. He goes to work for Guardian Angel Protective Services and hopes his last bad day was yesterday.

His first GAPS assignment tells him that won’t be the case though when he is charged with protecting the woman who was directly responsible for his exit from the teams. Fallon Sharpe, a federal judge’s daughter, now a federal judge herself, has taken on an East Coast mafia family who wants her dead. Can Jax keep her safe until the FBI takes them down? Or will he kill her himself before the thugs have a chance like he’s dreamed of doing for five years?

(Unedited–so please cut me some slack haha)

SEALed FATE excerpt (c) Becky McGraw July 2015

Running to the far side of the bed, Fallon crouched down, her body shaking like she was freezing to death, and she probably was with fear. That assassin on her doorstep wore death like a dark cloud over his head, he might as well have been wearing a black cloak and have a sickle in his hand like in the movies. It was obvious to Fallon from the deep grooves in his unsmiling face, the tenseness in his hard body he was a trained killer. Sent here by Willie to kill her for having the gall to bring him to justice and give him the jail time he deserved. If she didn’t, who else would? Not her estranged father, who was estranged because she refused to heed his cowardly advice to take a dive and let the bastard off.

Not without a fight, bucko.

Kneeling, Fallon balanced the shaking pistol on the bed to steady it so she could take better aim at the door. If that man walked through her bedroom door, she was going to shoot him. Even if he turned and ran when he saw her gun. Screw the instructor in that handgun class. This bastard was in her house and the instructor was not.

Fallon knew he was in the house too because she’d heard the front door knob rattle, the scraping on the deadbolt and the squeaky tumble as it released as she ran for the bedroom. Further proof this man was a professional assassin.
Gripping the pistol tighter, with every second she waited, Fallon’s finger got closer to the well of the trigger. She knew she was supposed to keep it flush with the body of the semi-automatic pistol, above the trigger well, but she wanted to be ready.
More than ready.
Shoving her finger into the circle, she rested it on the curve of the trigger and tensed. The door knob barely turned before the bedroom door swung inward, and even though no one filled the doorway, Fallon closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. When it didn’t squeeze and no explosion came, her heart stopped.

The safety!

Fallon’s eyes flew open in time to see a blur as someone dove inside her door, and she fought frantically to release the safety latch. It finally clicked off, Fallon tried to raise the pistol again, but it was suddenly snatched out of her hand before her backed slammed into the carpet and a large body covered her. Wide shoulders pinned her to the floor and hands like vices held her hands above her head.

“Who else is in this house?” her assassin growled, breathing hard near her ear
Buddy, if you think I’m going to tell you that I’m alone you have another think coming.

“My Navy SEAL boyfriend is in the bathroom and is going to kick your ass in about thirty seconds,” Fallon forced past her fear-frozen vocal cords. She was pleased when his big body tensed, so she decided to press her point. “His whole damned platoon is coming over for a barbecue in ten minutes.” Three quick, hot breaths in her ear raised every hair on her body.

Platoon?” he replied with what sounded like a chuckle, as he released her wrists to push up to his feet. He reached a hand down to help her up. “Well, I guess I better be on my way then before the Army gets here.”

Was he leaving? Relief flowed through Fallon and her confidence built as she ignored his hand to get to her feet by herself. But she wasn’t out of the woods yet. She tried to squeeze past him to run for her cell phone, but he blocked as he bent to pick up her pistol. When he stood with it in his hand, a whimper slipped past her lips. But he didn’t point it at her, he reached behind him to stuff it into the waistband of his slacks.

One corner of his firm lips kicked up. “I’ll just take this with me to make sure you don’t shoot yourself or your boyfriend. If I was your Navy SEAL boyfriend, Judge Sharpe, I’d teach you how to handle a pistol before I put one in your hand. Do you know how many people get killed by criminals using their incompetent victim’s own gun against them?”

This man, this criminal, was giving her a lecture on gun safety? “East Coast Willie must be short on Goodfellas if you are the best he had to send to kill me.”

“East Coast Willie?” the man asked with a laugh.

“The gangster who put a hit out on me. Your boss?”

The man’s clean shaven jaw tightened, deepening the dimple in his cheek. “Zane Alexander is my boss, but I may just kill him.” He huffed a breath. “He didn’t tell you who was coming to protect you did he?”


PUT SEALED FATE ON YOUR TBR LIST ON GOODREADS!  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25982224-sealed-fate

Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds RELEASE PARTY:




Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds
Cat Johnson’s Hot SEALs
are coming to Amazon’s Kindle Worlds! What does that mean? Here’s a quick explanation…


On August 4, 2015, Cat Johnson’s Hot SEALs Kindle World will officially launch. Now authors will be able to write, upload and sell their own stories written within the Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds guidelines and readers get to enjoy even more Hot SEALs stories contributed by some of their favorite authors or by writers who are new to them.

The all-star line-up of #HotSEALsKW launch authors includes: Delilah Devlin, Marissa Dobson, Geri Foster, Sharon Hamilton, Desiree Holt, Kennedy Layne, Elle James, Olivia Jaymes, J.M. Madden, Becky McGraw, Donna Michaels, Siobhan Muir, Susan Stoker, Paige Tyler and Sabrina York.


To answer that we first must discuss the concept of FAN FICTION, which is the tradition of fans (of television, comics, and literature) penning their own stories in their favorite fictional worlds. They write for their own satisfaction and to share their words with fellow fans of the worlds in which they are writing, on their blog or on dedicated fan fiction websites. The most famous fan fiction story is of course by E.L. James who originally wrote 50 Shades of Grey as fan fiction of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. James’s fan fiction was posted as “Masters of the Universe” free online in installments as she wrote it. As the cycle continues, fans of James’s 50 Shades now write their own stories. The Big Bang Theory TV show might offer the most amusing example of fan fic in the episode “The Troll Manifestation” where Amy writes Little House on the Prairie fan fiction starring her as the 19th Century heroine “Amelia” and Sheldon as a time traveling physicist from the future.

KindleWorldsLogoAmazon’s innovation, KINDLE WORLDS, entered the fan fiction scene in 2013 as a way for both the creators of the worlds that inspire fan fiction as well as those writing that fan fiction to make their original stories widely available to the reading public easily, legally, and for profit. Kindle Worlds began by licensing popular worlds such as GI Joe, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, and Gossip Girl. In June of 2014, Kindle Worlds dove into the Romance Genre with the addition of worlds by Bella Andre, Barbara Freethy and H.M. Ward. Now one year later, Kindle Words is growing again, launching new worlds in many genres, including a Kindle World for Cat Johnson’s Hot SEALs Series.


Who, what, where, when? Just in time for the August beach reading season, you will be able to get the hot new Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds stories written by the contributing authors. August 4, 2015 is the official Hot SEALs Kindle World launch date and the date when the new stories will be available for purchase on Kindleworlds.amazon.com.
Beach Reads 2015

But no need to wait, because the fun starts now!

Chat with the contributing authors and fellow readers on the Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds FACEBOOK GROUP. There you will also find cover reveals and teasers.

Join the Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds Public Launch FB EVENT. There might even be a contest or two!

Follow the Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds PINTEREST BOARD for behind the scenes peeks into the series and the World.

Search #HotSEALsKW on TWITTER for the latest Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds news.

And most importantly, join me in welcoming all of the launch authors who agreed to pioneer this new endeavor. They will be taking the brave step of writing their own characters into the Hot SEALs World in never-before-seen series crossover novellas.

If the Hot SEALs Series is new to you, you can catch up with it now. Night with a SEAL (Hot SEALs, Book 1) by NYT/USA Today bestseller Cat Johnson is on sale for only 99 cents for a limited time. Hot SEALs SaleFor fans of the original Hot SEALs stories who are interested in the future of the series, not to worry! Yes, there are more of Cat’s Hot SEALs series stories coming.The Hot SEALs Series by Cat Johnson


All stories written within Kindle Worlds are exclusive to Amazon and offered for sale in Kindle format at https://kindleworlds.amazon.com/.

International Amazon customers are able to make purchases through the Kindle Worlds Amazon.com site.

A Kindle device is not required to buy or read. Kindle formatted titles can be read on the free Kindle reading app on computers operating on various platforms, and on iOS or Android tablets and smartphones. Learn how here.

Interested in learning more about the Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds program, including how you can become a Kindle World contributing author? Visit catjohnson.net/kindleworlds/.

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