International Readers Can Get Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds Novellas Too! Catch Up on Deep Six Security – Cade is Coming in HELL BENT!



Catch up on the DEEP SIX SECURITY SERIES – a new erotic romantic suspense series by Becky McGraw. Check out Dave, Slade and Jaxson, because Cade is coming soon in HELL BENT  (#3, Deep Six Security). INTERNATIONAL READERS can even get SEALed Fate, my #HotSEALsKW /Deep Six Security crossover novella. See instructions below.

Amazon One-click links:


International readers, please add ANY US address to your Amazon account, sign into then use this link to purchase my Deep Six Security/Hot SEALs Kindle Worlds crossover novella:


***International reader email***

Hi Becky,

You have ruined me for all other military men….. I only have lust…er, love for the Deep Six boys now. I was very frustrated that I wasn’t able to read about Jaxson’s adventures due to my being Canadian, but read your tip on Facebook about changing my address to an American one, and voila. I am a happy reader.

So, now that I’m sort of American, I’ll have to change my “eh” to “Y’all”.
So, thank Y’all for the tip.

Now, I must get back to reading……..

Have a super day!

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